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Monday, November 27, 2006

You'll Shoot Your Eye Out


There's this group called WATCH, see, and they publish an annual list of ten dangerous toys for kids. I applaud this sort of thing, actually; I just found it rather interesting that one of the items on this year's list is a bow and arrow set. See, back when I was your age, cowboys and Indians was still a big-time kid game. It wouldn't have been all that surprising to see something like this bow and arrow set appear under a Christmas tree.

Then again, they do include this disclaimer: "Weaponry should not be sold as toys for children." I tend to agree, especially where live weaponry is concerned. I don't advocate giving a kid his first claymore until he's old enough to ask for it.*

Actually, I'm a little conflicted on that one. I agree that toy guns are in general a bad idea these days, unless they're bright orange. Even then they should probably be restricted to families where hunting is a participatory sport, and Jumior gets a plastic deer rifle just like Dad's, only bright orange. On the other hand, one of my grandson's favorite toys is a blow-up cutlass that he loves to engage me in pirate duels with. As a sometime Pastafarian priest, how can I deny him his heritage?

* For the humor impaired who might be reading, that's a joke.


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