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Sunday, July 10, 2005

About The Birds, The Beasts And The Bats


I first decided this story from Aesop was going to go into Sunday Griot several months ago. I had been following the antics of certain of our elected officials; I'm not going to name names, but anyone with the candlepower to be reading Sunday Griot in the first place can supply their names. These officials say they are friends of the people, but then go out and side with the current administration in supporting its failed policies.

Well, there's an election coming, and if the Democrats play it right, it's going to be a referendum on the failed policies of the current administration. Candidates will be tarred with the brushes of George W. Bush, William Frist and Tom Delay, and it will go especially badly for those Democrats who get the tar on them. Democratic challengers will hit them in the primaries as DINOs, and they can expect no help from those whose failed policies they have supported.

I don't know if it's too late for them; but if it isn't, they need to decide before the Bush house of cards comes down whether they are beasts, or birds. Because next November, the bats -- the baseball bats, that is -- will be coming out.

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